Saturday, August 4, 2012

What is your favorite go to drink on a night on the town?

So I decided to switch gears a bit today in hopes to get more crowd participation. Who knows maybe I might be able to get you some great deals on wine and the like with a $10 Off Any Order of $75 or More for your Wine, Cheese, or Gourmet Food basket!

For me, I personally have to go with a Screwdriver. It's simple, it's tasty, and it normally has at least 2 oz of Vodka or Rum in it. A good three of these and I'm feelin a bit buzzed.

However, if I really want to get nice - One or Two Long Island Iced teas and that's it for me =).

During dinner at a nice restaurant, I want to break out a nice Chardonnay or Chablis. Red Wine and good food = a good look.

Leave a comment below if what your favorite drink is, recipes, etc. Let's keep it going! Peace!

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