Friday, April 29, 2016

Fireball Apple Jello Shots (Tipsy Bartender)

Here's a great recipe that mixes a real apple with a good jello shot. Definitely party oriented!

Fireball Apple Jello Shots
1 Cup Hot Water
1 Pack Red Jello Mix
1 Cup Fireball Whiskey
Red Apples
Melon Scooper

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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Nilla Water Infused Vodka (Tipsy Bartender)

This sounds really great! Love the ingredients as well:

Nilla Wafers
Vanilla Vodka
Vanilla Extract

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Curbside Cocktails: Bogota, LULADA (

A very delicious yet slightly spicy kind of cocktail!

3 oz Lulo pulp
1 tsp Panela (unrefined cane sugar)
1 oz Shaved ginger
1.5 oz Dry gin

Garnish: Crushed panela
Glass: Rocks

Curbside Cocktails: Bogota, Andes Bourbon (

Very beautiful and well put together cocktail through

The Andes Bourbon (Huerta Coctelería Artesanal)
Sweet basil
0.5 oz Lime juice
1 oz Blackberry elixir (basil & cinnamon-infused)*
1.5 oz Bourbon
3 dashes Smoked pineapple bitters
Lemon peel aromatic

Garnish: White orchid
Glass: Cocktail

*Blackberry Elixir:
300 grams Andean Blackberry, 100 grams Basil, 50 grams Cinnamon, 400 grams Sugar, 400mL Water (cook, strain and add the water)

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Marijuana Jungle Juice Bowl with Banana Leaf Straws (Tipsy Bartender)

Your perfect vibe for 4/20.

Kiwi Slices
Pineapple Slices (shaped like marijuana leaves)
3 oz. Bacardi 151
3 oz. Everclear
4 oz. Coconut Rum
4 oz. Melon Liqueur
4 oz. Captain Morgan 100
10 oz. Pineapple Juice

Friday, April 8, 2016

Batman v Superman (Tipsy Bartender)

Awesome, awesome concept. I'm not a huge DC fan, but I always love a themed-cocktail or shooter. These are two cool recipes. Potency at its finest, too! Peep it below:


Yellow Layer:

Alize Gold Passion

Black Layer:
Black Vodka
Black Absinthe


Blue Layer:
UV Blue
Blue Curacao

Red Layer:
Red Absinthe

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Alien Sex (Tipsy Bartender)

This is a really good sweet recipe but it does have some kick. LOVE the colors, btw! Check it out below. Dope job, Skyy!

Green Layer:
2 oz (60ml) Midori
2 oz (60ml) Sour Apple Pucker

Blue Layer:
2 oz (60ml) Island Punch Pucker
2 oz (60ml) UV Blue Raspberry
2 oz (60ml) Blue Curacao

Purple Layer:
2 oz (60ml) Blueberry Schnapps
2 oz (60ml) Grape Juice

Rim with Black Sugar

Monday, April 4, 2016

Punch in the Dick Shooter (Common Man Cocktails)

A highlarious name for a not so highlarious drink. Keyword: Absinthe (yes, the green fairy)! This drink gives a new definition to "growing hair on your chest"! Peep the recipe and video below:

1/2 oz. Campari
1/2 oz. Luxardo Maraschino
1/4 oz. Absinthe
Float Stroh 160
Dash Firewater Bitters

UK Rumfest: Sam Smallman and Ian Burrell Do a Rum and Chocolate Pairing

It's very interesting because I usually consider pairing done with a good craft beer/IPA or wine. Never would I think Rum and chocolate go together. However, it certainly makes sense. I bet there's a crazy difference between using a typical gold or aged rum versus spiced rum in eating certain things together. Check out the footage below of how these two guys in the UK pair up some British rum with chocolate.