Friday, August 31, 2012

How to make a Smirnoff Preparada via Mexican Connection

This is basically a chug channel I post for today, but this is interesting because they are actually making a cocktail.

Here's how to make one!

"Main Ingredients: Smirnoff Ice, Lime or Limon, Ice, Chamoy Powder, Gummi Bears, Cherries, Chile Powder, Chamoy Liquid, Fresh fruit.

We recommend fresh fruit over canned. You can add or take away any ingredient you don't like or substitute it for something else. You can also choose the Smirnoff flavor of your choice. Smirnoff makes many flavors of their drinks so pick your favorite flavor & work around it with your choice of fruits to match it. We just went with the mango flavor & theme & that's why all the candies where mango flavored. But let's say you like apples then you get the Smirnoff Green Apple flavor drink & add fresh diced apples to your taste.

This Smirnoff Preparada drink is very popular here in deep south Texas. It was invented in Mexico & has migrated across the border to Texas. Here in the valley drive-thru stores you can pick up one of these drinks for about $8.00 each. It's a 24oz cup served with a 12oz Smirnoff Ice malt beverage flavor of your choice.

I want to give special thanks to Diageo the world's largest producer of spirits & a major producer of beer & wine. I also want to give thanks to my local alcohol distributor Glazer's."

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