Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Ciroc Recipes

Here are some pretty cool Ciroc recipes that will add some extra flavor and taste to an already great Vodka. Diddy, here's free promo! Cut the check! HAHAHA! You can always look at for flavors/mixes and suggestions.
Ciroc Hollywood Nights

Ciroc Vodka
Grapefruit Juice
Italian Apertif
Simple Syrup
Shake =)
Top it off with Champagne. There you go!

Tiger Blood
I definitely co-sign this as I've made a small variation. This was at the height of the Tiger Blood spoof from Charlie Sheen.

It's a very simple recipe:

1 1/2 OZ of Ciroc Red Berry
2 OZ of Cranberry Juice

Ciroc Coconut Mojito

Garnish with fresh mint leaf
A bit of lime juice
Mash the mint with the juice to make it a very interesting flavor
1/2 OZ Simple Syrup
1 OZ Coconut Creme
2 OZ Coconut Ciroc
Top if off with coconut shavings and mint leaf

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