Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Death in the Afternoon via Tipsy Bartender

Apparently, this is Ernest Hemingway's drink of choice??? Um, can we say drunkard? This cocktail was made famous in his books: So Red the Nose, or Breath in the Afternoon. Go Um, there is no reason to drink this other than to get completely shitfaced, man. SMFH. This is ridiculous! LOL. Anyway, the recipe consists of only two things:


Now, if you've drank Absinthe before you know it's at a VERY high proof...like 130 and up...then the champagne doesn't add anything to the flavor. I can't even say it lightens it up...lol. I would not under any circumstance drink this...hahahha. YOu might as well just go get yourself a Caribou Lou, my friend. Enjoy!

If you're clueless about Ernest Hemingway, you might wanna get your literary game up and check out some of his books. My personal favorite is "A Farewell to Arms" check out the books below:

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