Thursday, July 4, 2024

Summer Cocktails to Beat the Heat (The Educated Barfly)

 These are some really good summer cocktails to try out with friends. As the weather is beginning to heat up, cool things off by partaking in these fine libations.

Recipe Boardwalk Flyer 3/4oz Cachaça 3/4oz Banana Liqueur 3/4oz Bianco Vermouth 3/4oz Lime Juice Mint Sprig Garnish Paint the Town 1 1/4oz Black Rum 1/2oz Lime Juice 1/4oz Rum Navy Strength 1oz Carrot Juice 1oz Cinnamon Syrup 1/4oz Ginger Syrup 1/4oz Pineapple Juice Mint Sprig Garnish Barfly Dehydrated Lime Wheel Cucumber Basil Gimlet 2oz Gin 3/4oz Simple Syrup 1/2oz Lemon Juice 1/4oz Lime Juice 4-5 Fresh Basil Leaves 3 Cucumber Slices Basil Leaf Garnish

Lizzo's Banana Strawberry Milkshake (Tipsy Bartender)

 This looks like a great summer treat. I definitely want to try this out one day.



Captain Morgan

Malibu Rum

Whipped Cream

Monday, May 27, 2024

Tipsy Bartender Live! Beef Empanadas and Smoked Piña Colada x Snickerdoodle Shooters (Tipsy Bartender)

 What's poppin, everyone? Been a lil minute since I posted. But it looks like we gotta Tipsy Bartender live episode on Memorial Day. Shoutout to the fallen soldiers and the families. Shoutout to the peeps that are/were in the armed forces. Anyway, it's a chill day for me. Getting back into the groove before the work grind kicks up tomorrow. 

Enjoy the vibes of this live!