Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Takumi Watanabe mixes cocktail on fire called (Blue Blazer) via Cocktail Takumi

I've seen cocktails lit on fire, but never actually mixed with the flame inside the cocktail! This is insane!

I did a little research and the history is as follows:

Jerry Thomas was a bartender and author in the 1800s that got really well known to be the first flair bartender. He developed this cocktail called the "Blue Blazer". You know when flames get extremely hot they turn blue? Well, this shit will light up a whole forest. Basically, the trick is to keep a rolling blue flame between two different mugs without spilling anything or more importantly burning yourself and the surroundings. LOL. He had a pretty cool nickname "The Professor". Definitely a great nickname for a mixologist. The recipe was really basic:

2 oz Scotch
1 1/2 oz boiling water
sugar for sweetening to taste
lemon peel for garnish

To prepare the cocktail, you have to take these steps:

Pour the Scotch, water and sugar into a heat-resistant (silver-plated or pewter
and tulip-shaped are recommended) mug with a handle.
Light the mix on fire.
While still ablaze, roll the mix into an identical mug and back again 4-5 times.
Pour the mix into another heat resistant cup with a lemon peel, then put one of
the mugs over top to extinguish the flames.

Tips from David Wondrich's Imbibe!:

Pour over a tray full of water.
You don't want the fire to go out while pouring.
Pour only 1/2 of the contents each time.
Mix it quick as the handles will get hot.
Turn the lights down for effect and to make it easier t see what you are doing.
Practice with water first
Go outside the first few attempts at flaming.

Thanks to About.com for the info! Below the clips of these cats making it will be a few cool books by Jerry Thomas. Enjoy!

Blue Blazer Mix-Off: Dale DeGroff and Kenta Goto

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