Friday, September 24, 2021

The Orange Dreamsicle (Tipsy Bartender)

I love a good creamsicle, but this is on some different tip! Take a look. Recipe Pineapple Lemon Lime Cherries Orange Rumchata Rumchata Limon Triple Sec Lemonade Sprite Orange Juice

Crazy Watermelon Fruit Bowl (Tipsy Bartender)

This looks so much fun! Check it out! Recipe Blueberries Kiwi Mangoes Lime Slices Sprite Soju Blueberry Vodka Mango Rum Peach Schnapps Sprite Smirnoff Watermelon

Friday, September 17, 2021

The Purple Dragon (Tipsy Bartender)

This looks amazing, but SUPER potent. Goodness. There's not much mixer here, but it looks pretty. HAHA. Check it out. Recipe Dragon Fruit Tequila Vodka Rum Gin White Grape Juice Champagne Candy Orange Slices Dragon Fruit Slices

Monday, September 6, 2021