Thursday, November 16, 2017

The Ciroc Star Martini

I definitely missed this one, but it looks really good!

35ml CÎROC French Vanilla
15ml Passionfruit Syrup
25ml White Peach Puree
5ml Lemon Juice
Serve with a 50ml glass of Champagne for extra sparkle

Matcha Man Sour (Tipsy Bartender)

I think it's always nice to add a rich egg white especially to sour drinks. This is on a bit of different tip because you don't usually make full cocktails with sake. Typically, you sip it neat, as a shot or a bomb. Check out the recipe - pretty interesting stuff.

2 oz. Sake
1 oz. Lemon Juice
¾ oz. Matcha Syrup
¼ oz. Peach Liqueur
1 Egg White
Garnish: Grated Lemon Zest, Matcha Powder

How to Make the Hot Peppermint Patty Cocktail (Common Man Cocktails)

This is right on schedule. Thanksgiving next week and Christmas a bit more than a month away. I already feel the temperatures dropping and the wind picking up. It's quite chilly might I add. But yes, there's nothing like a great holiday cocktail especially one that's peppermint flavored. I like the take off of Archer as well. If you don't get the reference, I'll post a link to a video below. Here's the recipe:

1 1/4 oz. Dark crème de cacao
1 1/4 oz. Peppermint schnapps
1 1/4 oz. Green crème de menthe
5 oz. Hot cocoa
Garnish Whipped cream

Here's a piece of the episode of Archer:

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Samarian Sunset Cocktail (

Now this is a very unique cocktail. Using cabbage (making a rum from it) in your cocktail? Wow. Never would've thought of something like that. Very intriguing. I gotta see what it's all about.

1 ½ oz White rum
1/2 oz Cabbage rum*(created by Combine ½ head purple cabbage, chopped, with 4 oz white rum in a blender, and blend on high until smooth. Strain using a fine-mesh strainer)
¾ oz Triple sec
¾ oz Simple syrup
3 oz Sparkling water
¾ oz Grapefruit juice
½ oz Lime juice
1 Pinch salt

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

10 Millennial Cocktail Experts' All-Time Favorite Mix (Featured Post)

I'm getting to this a little late, but I was recently featured on a blog called Alcoline for a post entitled 10 Millennial Cocktail Experts' All Time Favorite Mix. It was certainly humbling to get a feature on a growing site, especially with the list of cocktail experts or content creators who have penchant for a good libation.

Of course, one of my favs is the Dark and Stormy. Simple and to the point. Gets you where you need to be and very tasty/balanced. Here's a brief blurb about what I had to say on that drink and libations in general:

Be sure to check out their full post and the site as a whole. Have a great evening!

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Harry Potter Love Potion (Nerdy Nummies)

Incredible concept. I'm mad that I'm so late to this one!

(1) Cup Club Soda
(2) Cups Lemonade
(1/2) Cup Vanilla Ice Cream
(1/2) Cup Raspberry Sorbet
(1) Teaspoon Orchid Pink Luster Dust

Estus - Dark Souls Cocktail (The Killer Bits)

This is certainly a unique video game cocktail. I also like the presentation of the whole thing.

Smirnoff Gold Vodka
Apple Juice
Elderflower Cordial
Angostura Bitters
and an appropriate drinking vessel

The Coco Cocoa Colada (Hotmixology)

Wow, it's been forever and a day since the last time I posted anything related to Hotmixology. They have some great cocktails and ideas, but they don't get the views. I honestly wish that they would because some of these drinks I never seen anyone do.

Silent Brigade Chocolate Coconut Moonshine

Braveheart (Tipsy Bartender)

This looks pretty bad ass. Yessir.

2 oz. Scotch Whiskey
¾ oz. Lime Juice
¾ oz. Brown Sugar Simple Syrup
Liquid Nitrogen
2 drops Saline
Garnish: Mint Sprig

Butterscotch Mudslide (Tipsy Bartender)

I must admit. This sounds pretty legit especially with the mixture of coffee liqueur, butterscotch and ice cream. I can definitely see myself downing this as a great dessert.

2 oz. Coffee Liqueur
2 oz. Irish cream
2 oz. Butterscotch Schnapps
Vanilla Ice Cream
Caramel Sauce

Juicy Fruit (Tipsy Bartender)

A great name for quite the fruit-loaded cocktail. I can definitely see myself making this for a woman. Probably makes an excellent shooter for a party as well.

1 oz. Vodka
1/2 oz. Peach Schnapps
1/2 oz. Melon Liqueur
5 oz. Pineapple Juice
Garnish: Pineapple Wedge/Cherry

How to Make the High Fashion Cocktail (Common Man Cocktails)

This sounds a bit unique with the sour yet floral elements. Certainly looks well put together.

2 oz. Gin
1 1/4 oz. Elderflower Liqueur
1 1/4 oz. Grapefruit Juice
2 Dashes Rhubarb Bitters
Grapefruit Peel Garnish

How to Make the Apple Cider Champagne Cocktail (Common Man Cocktails)

This honestly sounds like the perfect seasonal cocktail to drink especially for Thanksgiving. I would def had a fresh cinnamon stick as a garnish because it would add just that right kick of spice.

3-5 oz. Champagne (Dry)
1/2 oz. Apple Cider
1/2 oz. Apple Brandy (use applejack, we have that)
Pumpkin Pie Spice & Sugar Rim

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Cherry Cherry Ramos Cocktail Proper Pour with Charlotte Voisey (Small Screen Network)

This is simply amazing. I love the cherry twist on the Ramos Gin Fizz.

1 egg white
2 oz Hendrick's Gun
1/2 oz Lemon Juice
1/2 oz Lime Juice
1 oz Cherry Juice Simple Syrup
1 oz Cream
2 Dashes of Cherry Blossom Hydrosol
Club Soda

Fog Cutter (Tipsy Bartender)

Great mixed cocktail!

1 1/2 oz. Aged Rum
3/4 oz. Bourbon
1/2 oz. Gin
1 oz. Lime Juice
1 oz. Orange Juice
1 oz. Pineapple Juice
1/2 oz. Orgeat Syrup
1/4 oz. Honey Syrup
Garnish: Pineapple Leaves/Orange Wedge/Cherry

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Coffee Root Beer Float (Tipsy Bartender)

This sounds absolutely amazing. You can't front on a good float. This is something I'll probably try before the cold weather really sets in here.

1 1/2 oz. (45ml) Coffee Liqueur
2 oz. (60ml) Root Beer
1 Scoop Coffee Ice Cream
Garnish: Chocolate Syrup/Chocolate Sprinkles

Mango Mojito (Tipsy Bartender)

Can't go wrong with a good mojito!

1 1/2 oz. White Rum
1/2 oz. Soda Water
1/2 oz. Simple Syrup
Splash Mango Puree
Juice of Half a Lime
Mango Chunks
Mint Leaves
Lime Wedges

Thursday, November 2, 2017

"Dirty Little" Secrets About the Vodka Industry? (Common Man Cocktails)

I always appreciate secrets or tricks to the trade when it comes to any kind of industry. Marketing is one of the most important aspects, and without that, it's hard to sell an product. If you're into business of any kind, you know that the end of the day you're selling perception for a profit. People want what they can't have, and will aspire to get "The Best." There are some great premium brands on the market, but a lot of them chop things down or add in their own special "ingredients" to basically get you to pay the higher price. This is a great video I'd say on getting on your feet wet when it comes to buying a spirit. Always a great job explaining things, Derrick. Salute.

The Bruce Lee of Bartending - World's Greatest Flair Bartender

I can always appreciate great showmanship especially when it comes to creative things like bartending. You can tell Hsu has a great spirit and passion for this kind of industry. It's like Game of Death mixed with a bottle of Vodka. Wait a minute? 0_o.

Penicillin Cocktail (

You's crazy. I've had some interesting drinks (Absinthe included), but I don't think I've ever tried a Penicillin before. Hmmm. I know some people believe mixing things with a good whisky (such as in this video) is blasphemy, but a good cocktail is a good cocktail. Point. Blank. Period. Besides, honey and sour notes always work well especially in the summer time.

2 oz Blended scotch whisky
¾ oz Lemon juice
¾ oz Honey-ginger syrup*
¼ oz Islay single malt scotch

Garnish: Candied ginger
Glass: Old Fashioned, rocks

Blueberry Gin Sour (Tipsy Bartender)

It's always a good vibe when you put sour mix, egg white, and Gin together. Definitely a great, wavy, and classy vibe comes along.

2 oz. Gin
1 Tbsp Simple Syrup
Juice of 1 Lemon
Dash Egg White
Garnish: Lemon Peel