Monday, August 20, 2012

The guide for drinking at a cheap price for your party or event

^See these cheap bottles? Well, that's the inspiration for this post!

With alcohol taxes going up, you'll always want to save money. I know I posted a pretty solid when it comes to saving money as far as the bar is concerned, but trust me PARTIES CAN GET EXTREMELY expensive! I'm keeping it short and sweet, my friends! Here are some good tactics!

1.) BYOB or BYOL!

Always a good choice when creating a party! You can buy a cheap brand of Everclear and make Jello Shots for everyone to start things off, but make it a BYOB thing. Everyone can just bring what makes them tipsy and have a good time. All you have to do is simple provide the music and the vibe so everyone can have fun!

2.) A small cover charge!

A lot of times at college parties, they'll charge a few bucks per head just so they can at least break even. Alcohol is very expensive, and you always want to make sure you get your money back. The booze money can go to a powerful ass jungle juice that can take care of 50-100 people depending on how big your party is!

3.) Buy all cheap shit!

Forget premium stuff..this is especially the case in a party or college atmosphere. A lot of people don't drink their liquor straight up, anyway. As long as you have different mixers on hand like your cranberry, pineapple, orange, grape juice. Even sodas like Cokes, Sprites, 7up, Fruit Punch, that's really all you need. Also, this counts for the sodas. You can buy the store brands for 99 cents a pop and really save a ton of money and get 3 liter bottles INSTEAD of the 2 liter 2 dollar bottles. Hell, you can even have some really cheap bottles of vodka, rum and gin that you know will last you at least through the party and have a great cocktail book to help you make drinks! This way you can have drink specials for the ladies and the fellas!!! Remember, the common liquor that everyone drinks is Vodka! It mixes well WITH EVERYTHING and you can make bountiful cocktails using just juice. Sobieski is an excellent brand because it tastes pretty good and the price is right!

4.) Sales, sales, and more SALES!!!!

Clip those coupons or print out those online coupons and head down to your local store. Warehouse stores or big stores like Costco ALWAYS have some store branded liquor on standby. Hell, even a lot of good liquor stores have brands on sale. I remember getting a bottle of Ciroc Peach that was 1.75L for less than 50 bucks one time! If you know Premium liquor, you know that Ciroc is some expensive ish!

5.)Buy throughout the year and keep some of your liquor on standby

I remember going to a party one time, and my homegirl had decent collection of liquor left over from her college days back at Ohio State. If you have the liquor stash on standby, don't hesitate to just bring those out and not even go to the dayum liquor store. It can be your cheap brands just strictly for mixing cocktails!

6.) Know your audience

Not everyone of your friends drink, which is GOOD! That means less money coming out of your pocket. Just get a few more cheap mixers on standby and you are good to go!

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