Saturday, May 19, 2012

Does Ciroc and Wine mix? Yes! Try the Blakroc Chablis!!

Good Saturday evening, everyone! I'm back in mixologist mode again! I've done a Ciroc and Wine before, but this time I wanted to try something a bit more sophisticated. I wanted to actually build a cocktail that really complements each other.

Let me get into a brief review of Ciroc and why I believe it's an excellent cocktail builder. Ciroc is a vodka that has the elements of a fine wine. The grape are Ugni and Blanc grapes that are distilled five times. Honestly, Ciroc could be a wine if it were not made in the rules of creating a Vodka! The taste has a great smooth frost grape taste with a bit of a licorice peel and lemon finish, which makes it excellent for sipping on the rocks. Or a great, great base for making an excellent cocktail with its notes. This is why I decided to mix it with a good wine.

So, I took some Inglenook, which is an Argentinian wine. It's a Chablis - a wine made with Chardonnay (a type of grape). It mixed really well together, so I actually didn't need a juice, but I decided to use some Welches, and it was a mix of Black Cherry (hence the Blak) and Concord Grape. It was not as sweet as a regular concord grape. It had a bit of bitterness that really catered to the wine flavoring and the Ciroc aftertaste. It didn't add very much of that. Maybe a half an ounce. Check out the pictures below as I'll give you a description of how I actually build this cocktail!

^These are the bottles I used.

Then after that I took my shaker (unfortunately, it was not a metal shaker, a boston shaker, or whatever. However, It got the job done!) and poured.

After that, I poured into my Styrofoam cup, and it came out a purple-reddish color!

This is an excellent tasting cocktail! Depending on how strong you make it, you should REALLY starting feeling it after 2 or 3 of these!

My suggestion for the recipe:

1 1/2 to 2 oz of Ciroc (Blue Dot Ciroc) - it really depends on how strong you want to make this cocktiail
2-3oz Chablis (depending on how you want to lighten up the cocktail)
1/2 oz of Welches Black Cherry Concord Grape (for the color and bit of taste..not trying to make this super sweet drink)

If you don't think Ciroc and Wine mixes well together, you should take a listen to the Master Distiller of Ciroc, Jean Sebastian Robiquet as he breaks down exactly what embodies Ciroc and why it has the taste complements a fine wine as a mixer! Thank you for checking my post out! Oh yes, word of advice! Do not sleep on the strength of this cocktail. Although, both have a very smooth taste and complement each other very well, realize you are still making an 80% proof vodka with a 12% wine! This drink is not weak by any means! LOL.

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