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For a fee, I will write some good articles for you. I have experience writing for different blogs/brands (Omnistar Affiliate Software, Allen Mortgage,, and Martial Arts Videos) and pay per blog sites such as Blogsvertise, Blogdistributor, Loud Launch, Payperpost and others to name a few. I love writing quality content that really stands the test of time. If advertising is not exactly what you need but you want good quality writing – I will definitely accept that opportunity to write for your brand.

Content Writer

Rates: $.04 a word
I have a good knack for writing great content on:

Martial Arts
Cocktail Recipes
Social Media
Video Games

If you need any references, don’t hesitate to contact me at

If you are on a budget and/or have multiple articles that you need written, I will come to an agree to find a healthy medium between your budget and my rate.

Pinterest Consultant


Are you trying to build your brand and traffic source on Pinterest? Contact me for details and prices on how to build your Pinterest brand to get long term traffic, help with conversions, and build your ranking.

Site/Product Reviews

I've written reviews on wine/cocktail sites and drew tons of traffic their way. Additionally, I am open to product reviews concerning mixers, liqueurs, wine, hard alcohol, etc for a fee.

Leave a comment on here or email for details.

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