Saturday, November 12, 2011

Ciroc Peach Cocktails

*added Winter 2017* - Check out the new Ciroc Summer Colada

This Peach Flavored vodka is very smooth. While other peach flavored vodkas might have that serious burn, this is very nice and elegant going down. It has a few interesting floral and citrus notes that makes it perfect for sipping on ice or having in cocktail that only needs one mixer. You can use some orange juice or cranberry juice to keep it simple. Or if you really want a twist you can do a classic Sex on The Beach Cocktail using the Ciroc. It's called the Ciroc Peach on the Beach.

Seeing as I'm an alcohol connoisseur (if there is such a, I'm not an I randomly decided to make a blog! Here's my first post!! I love Ciroc with a passion, and here is a cool person that knows how to make a mix for the fellas as well as the ladies. She goes by the name of DJ Makeup Box. Check out some of the cool recipes below

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