Monday, August 27, 2012

The art of tipsyness: Getting the girls!

Now, this is a pretty cool topic to touch. We are going to touch a few bases here: Buying a Drink for a girl, being a DJ, Bartender, or Dancer! And we are going to even throw in a few extras!

I'm pretty young at the age of 25 and I've picked up a few things going to different clubs in different places. So, let's touch topic number #1.

1.) Buying a girl a drink

I think this is a really thin line subject. On one end, you really shouldn't buy a girl a drink for the simple fact that she could be using you just to get herself nice and tipsy. Smart for the girl, poor for your wallet. If you are really interested in that girl, talk to her. Feel her out. If she shows you love back and you have a legitimate conversation, then maybe get her a drink.

On the flip side, you could be that cat in the club ballin for no absolute reason. Girls are attracted to guys that have sparklers on their bottles. Crazy, but it's true. You still need a good talking game and interesting game going, but it's a bit easier to CATCH their attention!

2.) The party go-er: The DJ, The Bartender, the Dancer

The DJ - plain and simple. You move the party. You are the controller of the vibe whether it's more of sensual joint, more of an upbeat, more of a freaky, or even a rough kind of joint. When you play what the ladies love, that gets them to dance and really let loose. It's very easy to get that girl if you are a good DJ!

The Bartender - obviously, you get them amped and loosened up so they can HIT the DANCE FLOOR! Very simple and easy! You make chicks a drink and you can easily stir up conversation. Some girls have problems..sometimes you listen. You never know how this could easily turn into getting that chick home. You basically know what the hell is going on!

The Dancer - now, this I know from PERSONAL experience! Why is it so easy for the dancer to get the girl. Well, for one thing a lot of females relate dance to sex. The slicker the moves, the looser the moves says that you got stamina, rhythm, and more! There are times where I've just kicked back from a good 5 mins of dancing to let people know I got some ish! LOL. Then I end up getting basically a lap dance standing up and more at times..hahaha. The great thing is you get to be yourself, you don't have to spend any money and ladies ALREADY know you can move =).

3.) Attractive girls bring more attractive girls

Normally, when you have a group of girls together, they are in it for one thing: GOOD FUN! Milfs and Cougars definitely. LOL. The single mom or the older single lady without a kid doesn't really care about a relationship. Which means, it's much easier for you to get that dance, that number, and eventually, you know what =P.

4.) The Slow song

Always make sure you get a girl for that slow song whether it's reggae, R&B or something. You can lean in close and get some real conversation and a bit intimate. Learn your hand dances and your close dances, it helps!

5.) Eye Contact and a smile

If you see a girl looking at you whether it's at the bar or the dancefloor, a simple smile and attentiveness doesn't hurt. Sometimes, that does actually help build a convo because the girl might want to come up to you and say hey, nice shirt or cool moves..or you come up to her and say nice smile or something.

These are just a few things I can come up with..take a listen to Skyy John and see what he says!

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