Thursday, August 9, 2012

Drink Inc.: Sweet & Savory Pork Cocktails

I used have a crazy fascination for regular pork based bacon, but my pork days for the most part are over. HOWEVER, I know A LOT of people will really love this cocktail because it provides two guilty pleasures: bacon and alcohol! Honestly, if they smothered some turkey bacon in some good Crown Royal with a hint of maple syrup on the, that would be some goodness right there. MMMMMMMMM. At any rate, peep the recipes for this clip. Enjoy!

Once again shoutout to Dan and Steve for really immersing the cooking and food world with the cocktail world. They've really settled on an interesting niche that will take them far!

The Heifer Weizen
Into a shaker add
4 oz Apricot puree
3/4 oz Lemon juice
Barspoon Orange marmalade
Add ice
Add ice to a Collins glass
Strain into glass till about about ¾ full
Top of with hefeweizen

Garnish with rolled salami and apricot speared on cocktail toothpick


Fat Manhattan
Put cooked bacon (thick cut is best) on a plate
Cover bacon with granulated sugar
Brule the sugar on the bacon with blowtorch to candy the bacon

Form a single block of ice so that it fits perfectly in the glass but still allows you to stir OR fill glass with a few ice cubes
.5 oz Italian sweet vermouth
¾ oz of Italian walnut liquor
¾ oz Amaro Montenegro
1 oz fat washed whisky
2 dashes of Peruvian bitters
Garnish with candied bacon

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