Friday, July 20, 2012

6 ways to save money before you head to the bar or while you are at the bar

Sup, everyone? I know I normally post recipes and funny stuff, but this is a bit on the informative side, ya dig? All right, we all know how expensive it can get to really enjoy the bar and club scene ESPECIALLY when you are college kid. I'll break it down!

1.) Buy from the liquor store!!

Yes, yes. Yes! This is something I do on a fact, this is the last thing I bought - a 200 ML Coconut Ciroc Bottle + Pineapple Juice to make the Cocoloso!!! If you know your liquor measures, then you know that's enough for about 4 drinks. Or if you are really cheap..just get yourself a couple of minis and your own stash at home and mix it together! Pack yourself a nice bottle/container of your favorite mix and drink right before you head inside (watch out for cops). LOL.

2.) Pre-game at someone else's spot!

This is especially the case if you don't have to drive anywhere. Remember, people. Drinking and driving is A NO GO!!! At least pack it up to take it with you. This way you probably wont even have to spend money on liquor or very little.


Now, happy hour for a lot of places is from for 4-7..or even 6-9 to places that stay up rather late. TAKE ADVANTAGE! A lot of the time, drinks are half off, there are special pitchers on beers, special drinks that really get you twisted for cheap, etc. Also, it gives you a chance to walk around different places because the bars usually have small spots you can go. That means your meal might be half off as well. Definitely take advantage of that...a couple of 4 dollar Long Island Ice Teas go a LONG WAY!!!

4.) Always go tap or rail (FUCK PREMIUM..if u don't got it..haha)

Pretty much all liquor tastes around the same when mixed. I have my favorite Vodka which is Ciroc. But I know it's a premium brand. Premium brand means a HUGE hole in your pocket. Fuck that. You know you can go to a liquor store and get 4 drinks worth of Ciroc for less than 15 bones. At an average bar or even club, Ciroc, Grey Goose, Belvedere *all the high end vodkas, scotchs, etc) is at least 10 bucks plus tip (20%). So you are basically paying the fee of a small bottle at your Liquor Store for ONE DRINK (that's POSSIBLY WATERED DOWN). NOT WORTH IT! Try to find the cheapest drink specials, rails or something that you know will taste good. That will definitely save you money inside.


I ALWAYS TIP!!! If you can buy drinks at the bar, you can also tip! Point. Blank. Period. If you buy a drink for 5 bucks, tip 20%. That's a good tip. Anything, below that is ehh...not so much. Your bartender will be pissed, get antsy, and the rest of your night might not go as smooth. Don't overtip unless you know the bartender and have a good relationship. That's a quick way of going broke! The only time you should really overtip is if you have a relationship with the bar and the club. 9 times out of 10, you'll get some free drinks or some shots.

6.)Be careful using a card!

Make sure you are always aware of what's going on with your card if you decide to create a tab. You might end up with a crazy ass amount at the end of the night. Don't go buying shots for random people on your card because you might get too tipsy and not even remember that you did that. Also, make sure you know exactly what your card looks like...a name..a label..something to help your bartender recognize your card. It's important!

These are just a few tips to help you while you get a night in of drinking. Happy Tipsy!

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