Sunday, February 17, 2013

Does Diet or Regular Soda in alcohol mixer affect intoxication levels?

Source of pic from: Oprah

I've found an interesting article that ties in intoxication level, DUIs, and mixers. According to an article from Fox News, this is definitely the case. Beware with your Long Island Iced Teas and Rum + Coke. While you might be focused on shedding a few calories drinking alcoholl, you might as well learn to pick a lower calorie vodka or simply sip on ice. Hell, even a Skinny Margarita would be a lot better.

According to Cecile Marczinski, an assistant professor of psychology at Northern Kentucky University, "think they're saving some calories by drinking their alcohol with a diet drink, [but] it's much more harmful to the body to have a high blood alcohol concentration." Apparently, there was a test shown between people that were drinking an alcoholic mix with soda and diet soda. The study was found that the diet soda actually absorbed a lot quicker in the small intestine while the regular soda had a delay in absorption. If you ever know about champagne, the bubbles in them actually are a form of carbonation and that's why you get inebriated a lot quicker. This is a very interesting article. So when you are downing these diet soda mixers, keep in mind you should stay away from a car because you do not want to risk getting a DUI.

Here's an interesting video on DUIs, getting wasted and the like from Skyy John aka the Tipsy Bartender:

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