Thursday, February 28, 2013

Mark Wahlberg and Sean Diddy Combs launch new hangover cure called AquaHydrate

Source of pic: The Boom Box

Diddy as we all know as the media/business powerhouse that also has a major stake in Ciroc and Mark Wahlberg representing the producer/actor/director realm have a new beverage that keeps you hydrate with alkalized water which is said to help balance PH levels in the body, help your endurance for the day, and great for curing your hangovers the next day! I am really not surprised with this combination because since Diddy has been tweeting and instagramming the mess out of this. Of course, Mark Wahlberg has the full on physique as an athlete. Yesterday was dubbed AquaHydrate Day. Go to Huffington Post for specific details on the AquaHydrate! you can currently buy AquaHydrate at a number of grocery story and even on Also, please check the little press conference below:

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