Monday, February 25, 2013

How to make your own Rose Cocktails

When you’re feeling creative, rose wine is not always the first thing you reach for. However with the help of a good quality rose you can put a new refreshing twist on some old classics.

Rose Margarita

Simply top up a margarita and one of the acquired tastes of the cocktail world becomes a light summery drink with plenty of punch.


2pts Tequila

1pt Triple Sec

4pts Rose



Rose Cosmo

Replace the cranberry juice in a cosmopolitan with rose to give it a dry tannic quality. Creating a cosmo with the essence of a martini.


1pt Vodka

1pt Triple Sec

2pt Rose


The cocktails were made with this Grenache from Juicy Grape Wines, chosen for it’s sweet fruity flavour with a well-rounded finish. The originals of these cocktails use lime to give them a sharp citrus edge, however, when using this rose it may be wise to go easy on the lime to allow its subtle flavours to shine through. Where you go with these cocktails is entirely up to you but trust me, these drinks don’t need to be given extra kick!

Mixing drinks is all about experimentation, try using different combinations of wine and cocktails to see what you uncover.

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