Monday, February 4, 2013

Epic Superbowl Jungle Juice - TipsyBartender

I have to say this guy has made some pretty epic Jungle Juice Recipes, but this one DEFINITELY takes the cake! My recipe looks like a pittance compared to this one especially. Check out the thorough amount of ingredients as well as the video below:

2 (1.75L) Rum
2 (1.75L) Vodka
1 (1.75L) Coconut Rum
1 UV Blue
2 Everclear
2 Bacardi 151
2 99 Grapes
1 Pearl Peach Vodka
3 Blue Curacao
3 Boone's Blue Hawaiian
2 Boone's Fuzzy Navel
3 Boone's Strawberry Hill
2 Peach Schnapps
2 Wild Vine Strawberry
2 Wild Vine Chardonnay
1 Moscato

8L Orange Juice
6L Mango Nectar
4L Peach Mango Juice
8L Apple Juice
4L 7up
6L Sierra Mist
8L Pineapple Juice

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