Thursday, February 28, 2013

Thirsty Thursdays - Svedka Colada review/taste test

Source of pic: Packaging Digest

Today, I decided to go to the liquor store for a sec to try out Voli Vodka, but they did not sell it anymore. However, I stumbled upon a newer item called Svedka Colada, which is a take off a real Pina Colada. It seemed very interesting and the store owner said that's actually really good. I got home and tried it on some ice and I have to say it's PRETTY DAYUM good especially for the price. I am a faithful Ciroc Coconut drinker as you can tell from all of the Ciroc posts I have on this blog. However, if you are looking for something half the price and almost as good, you cannot go wrong with particular bad boy. It's sad how late to the party I was in finding this thing! Good thing I randomly went to the liquor store today! LOL. Let's get into the review.

Nose: A strong Coconut smell with a very little/hidden Pineapple smell. It's actually pretty rich.

Taste: A nice coconut flavor to it, slight burn in the finish with hints of Pineapple.

Mixing: Pineapple Juice is an obvious mix to this concoction, but I chose to go with a Cranberry chaser because I did not want to overpower the Pineapple. I noticed that the Pineapple came out a bit more when I tasted it with the mixer. It's funny how sometimes a certain mix gets the flavors out there better.

Overall, this gets a B+ from me. Is it Ciroc Coconut? Definitely not! Ciroc has the best tasting coconut vodka, imho. Way too smooth a finish and the coconut flavor is a bit more authentic. However, it is a GREAT alternative for the price point and the pineapple added to it puts the spirit in a slightly different lane! Definitely consider buying Svedka Colada when you are going to a party or something! Enjoy!

Here are a few mixes I've seen with this particular spirit:

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