Wednesday, February 13, 2013

New Amsterdam Peach Review/Taste Test/Mixes

This is another pretty solid joint! Go cop it if you like Peach Vodka.

Smelling Notes
This smells like an Orangey Peach flavor. Ciroc's Peach flavor actually smells richer because of Peach and kind of a floral scent, which is pretty interesting.

Slight burn but nothing too bad. The citrus and peach notes come out well on ice. Good for shots and shooters (I mixed mine with Orange Juice)


You can make a sex on the beach with this. You can make Fuzzy Navels with the Orange Juice. Also, you can do a nice concoction with Cranberry. Here's another recipe called the Peach Fizz.

Price Point
13-15 bucks for 750mL

C+ (I like the Redberry a bit better).

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