Wednesday, October 24, 2012

What is your favorite kind of spirit and why?

Yup, I'm just posting up some really cool stuff lately on the blog and I just decided to take a poll of some sort. You know to kind of getting more people involved. I just had a very simple question to ask all of you spirit connoisseurs out there. What is your favorite spirit and why?

Are you into vodka, tequila, rum, scotch, whiskey, cognac, gin, what?

I'll tell you why I'm into a few spirits.

For me, I personally love Vodka and Rum the most out of all of them.

Vodka because you can mix into anything. Premium Vodka has a really smooth, crisp flavor. Ciroc is probably my favorite vodka for this reason. Ciroc Coconut is something I can sip neat or on ice without a problem. If I want to mix it, all I need is some pineapple juice and I can call it a day. Or I can even do an infusion with pineapple and keep it moving just like that.

As far as mixing is concerned, there are a bunch of mid range vodkas out there that do not cost a fortune such as Sobieski and New Amsterdam. You can literally get a big bottle of these for less than 20 bucks. Also, Three Olives is a great go to kind of liquor. There are a myriad of GREAT flavors that range from grape, cake, even a mountain dew flavor called DUDE (I'll show you a video of that below). These make a very dope setting to create some good shots for people. You DEFINITELY need to check this vodka out. Depending on where you are located, a 1.75 of 3 Olives may run you about 23-25 bucks.

Now, let me get into the Rum! I absolutely love Rum. I mean, I'm Caribbean for goodness sakes! LOL. Why would I not love Rum? LOL.

The thing I love the most about Rum is not only does it have a very refreshing taste, but there are different types of Rum. Dark Rum, White Rum, Aged Rum, Spiced Rum, Dark Spiced Rum. This is not even getting into the FLAVORS yet. These are pretty much standards right here! Rum is also really great for the ladies. For example, Malibu Rum is a very light sipping rum that you can make some excellent cocktails and shots with. You can even mix that with an overproof rum such as Bacardi 151 to make a Caribou Lou Cocktail!

My absolute favorite rum has to be Appleton Estate. Whether it's the normal X/V or the 12 to 21 year, all of these are really great Premium Rum. I've heard about Appleton for quite some time but did not actually try it until November 2011. The great thing about Appleton is it can be sipped finely neat. It has a very great nutmeg, brown sugar, banana peel vibe to it that you can distinctly separate from other rums. Also, it has the body of a fine cognac. If you want my personal review of Appleton, you need to check out this old post I wrote back then and other cool rum based cocktails

That's pretty much all I have for this morning. Please answer the question below, share it, re-blog. Whatever you gotta do!

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