Thursday, October 11, 2012

Thirsty Thursdays - Cruzan Aged Rum and Pineapple

Yo, yo! Been a little since I've graced the stage with a lil something. Today, we have a little something I copped from the liquor store! It's a nice bottle (on sale for 36% off) of Cruzan Aged White Rum and some good ol Pineapple Juice. I'm going to drink a bit of it 2nite, but I mainly copped for a mix I'm finishing up for a party on Saturday. I was going to cop Malibu, but my pockets told me to go for this and it's a bit stronger! Besides, the mix is already a bit on the sweet and sour side so I think the coconut would have overdone it just a bit. However, there is always that chance I can put in some real coconut. You never know! I will definitely show the full thing tomorrow as the main section is kickin it on ice in the mini fridge downstairs. Tomorrow, I'm going to make it and I'll show you all the ingredients then! Enjoy! Happy Thirsty Thursdays sippin' my ppl!

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