Thursday, October 4, 2012

Top Liquors/Liqueurs to get the ladies loose for a party!

You see that drink? Now, that's what you call a nice chick drink! Let's get into some more shall we?

What up, everyone?! A Thirsty Thursdays post? Why not! I haven't sipped since September 23rd. I probably won't get into liquor until this weekend. LOL. However, I do have a good gem for all the fellas out there trying to impress that cute girl! If you don't already know, a good portion of the girls out there are very fond of sweet drinks. A lot of women cannot handle liquor on the status of a guy simply because they are built smaller. However, there are some exceptions to the rule as always. Let's get into some liquor shall we:

1.) Malibu Rum!

This has to be number one in my opinion! Ladies love Rum especially Coconut Flavor! The great thing about Malibu Rum is that they have really good flavors such as Coconut, Pineapple, and Mango. You can use these in a number of different shots such as the Scooby Snack which is part Malibu and part Midori! Um, for an even stronger drink I HIGHLY recommend the Caribou Lou. It's one part Bacardi 151, one part Malibu Rum, and a nice topper of Pineapple Juice! It's a great summer/party drink.

2.) Midori

Great color. Apparently, it means Green in Japanese (I'm going to have to get some confirmation on that one). LOL. It's a nice light melon liqueur that you can use in a Midori Sour cocktail. It looks great when mixed with different drinks and adds a lot of color.

3.) Peach Schnapps

Another good liquor that's great for the ladies. You get a little vodka, some peach schnapps, and some cranberry + orange juice - there you go. A sex on the beach! Perfect drink for a female!

4.) X-Rated Fusion Liqueur

It's a ready to made drink with a low enough alcohol content where your lady can sip but still get that buzz end after sipping for a few hours. It's mixed with vodka, orange, mango, and passion fruit all in one go

5.) Hpnotiq

Now, this is an interesting one. It has a really cool blue color and it's mixed with vodka, cognac, and some type of fruit. It kind of reminds me of Alize. If you mix equals parts of Hennessey and Hpnotiq, you'll create the Incredible Hulk (it's a green color) VERY STRONG! Be warned! LOL.

6.) Qream

As a bonus we have Qream, from all the girls I've seen - they really love this stuff. It's made by Pharrell. It actually has less calories than wine. I would consider this good for your lady to make her favorite desserts and what not. Maybe sipping on ice or something. I personally wouldn't drink it, but hey...if it's for your lady, by all means! Cop it for her.

I'm going to post a few of these cocktails/liqueurs/liquors below. Enjoy!

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