Tuesday, October 23, 2012

5 Tips on making your own cocktail

Hey, everyone! Another cool blog post coming your way to give you a bit of insight! I've been making my own kind of drinks for the past 2 years or so just trying out different elements. I've come up with 5 ways to really develop your cocktail!

1.) Choosing your spirit

By far, this is the best thing to think about first BEFORE anything! Now, you don't have to go top shelf, but at the same time, don't be cheap and get a plastic bottle. If you really want to do some quality stuff, pick something within midrange. That way even if your mix doesn't come out right, you'll still have a bottle to mess around with for regular stuff. Also, choosing the right spirit helps to ensure a certain flavor, a certain vibe, and distinct aftertaste on your palate.

2.) Using fresh ingredients

Often times at the bar or so, there will be pre-made ingredients such as pre-made lime juice, pre-made lemon juice, sweet and sour, or whatever! No, learn to make your own! The fresher the ingredients, the better your cocktail will taste! Guaranteed! Trust me!

3.) Infusing your own liquor

This is a bit trickier, but it's satisfying. I'll tell you why. I did a nice infusion mixing pineapples and apples together to make a sort of pineapple/apple/coconut vodka. Very flavorful, but still had a great bite to it! Also, you can kind of make it into your own punch! Knowing what flavors go together, that's something that's very necessary. Some flavors definitely taste off when you mix them wrong.

4.) Pouring amounts

This is also tricky. If you have a rum based cocktail, it's already kind of sweet onto its own. Depending on your amount of liquor that you pour in, you have to get good measurements. For example, 1 1/2-2 oz of a spirit plus a certain juice could be like 1 oz or so. This way, it's not overbearingly sweet, and the alcohol is not overbearing as far as the punch you get when you start drinking it.

5.) Have fun!

Remember, whether you come up with the perfect cocktail or you make a mistake...remember, have fun! It's a process before you learn your pour amounts, what works with what...just EXPERIMENT. That's how a lot of these cocktails came about! Experimentation and knowing what flavors bring out the best in the alcohol!

Check out a few posts on my MOST popular mix that I came up with called the Tropical Storm and then look at a few of these cool creations below! Enjoy!

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  1. Hey John, it's really cool and great insightful. The 5 years cocktail experience you shared here was totally interesting and try-worth at home. Love what way you presented the whole process. All the steps like choosing own spirit, fresh ingredients and others details were remarkable and of course fun loving. I think by following your method, it will not be needed to hire a cocktail bartender. I really appreciate your brilliant job.