Friday, February 3, 2012

The tastyness of Appleton Rum

Ok, so I've posted things such as Captain Morgan, Bacardi, and other rums like that. Those are cool, but Appleton Rum is something very special. There's a reason why artists such as Biggie Smalls (RIP) bragged about Jamaican Rum. Today, I had the pleasure of trying Appleton Rum. It was on sale at the local liquor store, and the price is a bit more than you would for any other popular rum you may have tried, but for a good reason! It's incredible. I feel like my taste palette has gone way up!

All right, first off - when you look at the body, it gives off a very cool cognac feel. Almost like the vibe of a thick woman with the right figure kind of shape. At first, I opened up the bottle and smelled it. It has a great body..almost like that of a cognac. You get a lot of great aroma..vanilla, molasses, a bit of a darker and more aged rum unlike other typical ones. I took a sip of my Appleton, and was just like wow. A little bite, but a great smoothness. Something, a bit different, a bit classier than other rums out there. Needless to say, I was rather impressed. Also, I mixed it with cranberry juice (just a splash). It was INCREDIBLE! This is when I realized this is more like a fine cognac or whiskey with a classic cranberry juice vibe. Also, it goes great with Pineapple Juice (obviously, the rum and pineapple juice mix works). If you are looking to mix with a soda or something else, this is NOT the rum for you. Save that for the Captain Morgan, Bacardi, etc.

Check out a cool clip of rum tasting, and how a cat from Jamaica describes the delectable taste of rums including the Appleton. Enjoy!

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