Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Mixer and the Sipper - Appleton Rum

Obviously, one of these bottles just recently got done, but I want to get into a good blog about mixing and sipping.

These are two excellent rums that go for a decent price. Now, I know they are the same brand, but they are not the same drink! Why? One is a mixer *a bottle used to mix cocktails*, and one is a sipper *on ice or neat*.

The one with the bigger body is the Appleton VX. These are great to drink on ice or neat. For a stash of bitterness or to counterbalance the great flavors of the Appleton, I like to use a splash of cranberry juice. It's an elegant mix. This kind of rum is like a full body cognac. That's why it's a perfect sipper onto itself.

Now, the Appleton Special Rum is a slightly different case. You could sip it, but it's not really made just to readily sip. It's more so the cocktail kind of rum. I honestly rate it better than Bacardi or other mainstream rums because the flavor is dead on perfect. The smoothness is top notch, and just really looks great with mixing your juices or your carbonated drinks, so you should choose.

I'm going to post a few cocktails or short stints about using Appleton as a sipper or as a mixer, and some other rum based cocktails. Enjoy!

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