Sunday, October 21, 2012

Developing a palate for alcoholic drinks and making them (Spirits)

Hey, everyone! I'm definitely taking a bit of a different turn right now talking about this particular subject! All right. Everyone has their preference when it comes to liquor and I'm a bit more on the Vodka and Rum side! For most people, they like to mix their drinks up so it kills the alcohol taste. Other people love the notes that certain liquors brings. Let's talk about this briefly.

Vodka - ethanol burn either with a wheat, rye, potato, grain, or grape taste. I'm more preferable to the wheat or grape taste. I can most certainly sip those or take cold shots of those with no problem. You cannot forget about the flavored ones as well. There's quite a wide range of them.

Rum - these definitely vary in flavor. You have more of the caramel, oak, banana, coconut, and other flavors. Of course, there are flavored ones as well but the ones I mentioned are more of the norm. Cannot forget spiced either!

Tequila - THIS is a category on it's own. Tequila has a very distinctive plant based taste that comes from something called Agave. The smell and the taste is very unique and it's a special category on it's own.

Cognac/Brandy - basically the same thing. A bit oaky, a bit nutmeg, and kind of reminds you have an alcoholic cola to be honest.

Scotch/Whiskey - oaky, warm, subtle notes of honey in certain cases, etc. These are two you normally sip on ice or with a coke.

Now, MOST people do not like sipping on ice, which is why mixing is so popular. However, some flavors together really do add something to the table. For example, a coconut rum and pineapple is a great trade off. All I have to say is don't be afraid to try out new stuff. Don't be afraid to try on ice or to drink it with a mixer, I'm pretty sure you'll love the results! Here are a few videos on Bar Tools and getting spirits.

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