Monday, April 30, 2012

Tigerfest aka Drunk Fest aka King of the Jungle Juices

Man, oh man. The day of Tigerfest was really a blur to say the least. LOLOL. I won't get into how messed up I got but I will let you know the types of drinks that were on deck for the day. The day started off with this cool Ciroc Slushie that I made after the tropical storm started to get demolished.
After that was said and done. I ended up going to a friend's spot and had a few jello shots. When I got to the main party, that's where it got a bit hectic with the rums mixed with vodka. LOL. You can check out the Gummy Bears and Vodka below:
Also, the previous day there was another mix called the Devil's Elixir, which was a crazy mix that included 5 hour energy 0_o.
All and all, this Tigerfest was pretty solid! Oh and I can't forget...the Jolly Rancher and Vodka

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