Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Tropical Storm Cocktail in the works!

So, remember the post where I was talking about infused vodka. Well, I have come up with an incredible mix for Tigerfest this year. I'm titling it "The Tropical Storm cocktail". Basically, what it entails is one part Ciroc (Blue Dot), Two Parts Malibu Rum, another part of Coconut Ciroc, and then I'm throwing a shot or two of Everclear with a reasonable amount of Pineapple Juice! I haven't quite finished it yet, but I won't it will be a hit for the party. Guaranteed! I'll show what I have mixed up so far... Earlier, I decided to start my drink because a friend of mine texted me. He's making a big mix also for Tigerfest. Here's what I did so far:
As you can see, I cut up the fruits. I decided to go with the sweet and subtle to complement the drink. I had one nice sized apple and cut it up into little chunks. After that was said and done, I had some dried pineapple slices left over, so I cut those up in bitty pieces, and it def made a nice little base of fruits. When that was done, I decided to pour in my first layer of Ciroc. I headed to the liquor store right quick while that soaked up for a while, and as you can see I bought a few things.
What I first I decided to do was pour in a half liter of Malibu Rum to kind of get the main flavors of the fruit together with a nice light rum.
As you can see, Vodka and Rum is already making for a stronger base for the rum. Seeing as I didn't want to overkill the drink with vodka, I got a 200ML bottle of Ciroc Coconut. It def adds a kick to the drink, but it goes with the general flavor!
After the 1.75L bottle I used was at least up to a 1 liter and change filled up with alcohol, I poured in the Pineapple Juice for the topper.
I think what I'm going to do on the day of Tigerfest is kick it up a notch! It's a pretty good drink, but I want it to be a bit more potent yet not overkill! Two shots of Everclear should do it! Then I'ma shake it up! There we go! The Tropical Storm Cocktail! I can already tell with the fruits marinating in the Regular Ciroc, Malibu Coconut Rum, and the Ciroc Coconut, it will make for a strong but very tasty and deceiving drink!

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