Saturday, June 30, 2012

My crazy Friday night outing in D.C.

Ended up going out to D.C. It was quite ridiculous...the weather was especially humid that night. A storm now called "Derecho" hit. It was apparently a really powerful tropical storm that caused massive winds, knocked down trees, and knocked out the power. However, when I got home, the power was still on. But I did see a tree or two knocked down when I got up this morning. LOL.

Last night at the club:

So, I get a hurricane and tip the female mixologist. What I did not expect was how crazy the rest of the night would turn out. We go upstairs to a little duck off. Everything was chill..I say it was around 10:30-11 and the music was just right. One of the ppl were giving us free drinks. I was really killing the music, really vibing and everything. These cats from Austria were ballin that night and had a 1.75L of Grey Goose on a bucket of ice. They said come over here and take a double shot with was quite insane to say the least. That double shot ended up being nearly half a dayum bottle between my friends and I. We kept getting free drinks. Maks me so by the end of the night I was completely at my wits...I kept dancing..kept drinking water...I was killing the circle that night as it magically appeared on the main floor..ended up dancing with a few cute latinas. Great, great night. It all started with this hurricane cocktail:

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