Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Legend of Zelda Cocktail via TipsyBartender (E3 2012)

It's funny how Skyy posts this cocktail right during E3 2012. I was actually looking at his Facebook the other day, and I said to myself, "Yup, perfect timing!" This actually a really cool looking cocktail. You definitely get a Zelda vibe because of the energy drink and the blue curacao as a full bomb shot much like Link's bombs in Zelda. Here's the recipe:

1 part Blue Curacao
1 part Blue Berry Vodka
1/2 Pint Energy Drink

Shoutout to Mitch From The Drunken Moogle for coming up with this recipe. If you haven't been on that site, please do check it out! I have a few recipes posted on here from that site. Just go to Tag or Archives and Type "Drunken Moogle" or something.

Also, if you want to check out the Nintendo E3 2012 footage of all these game releases and what not, check out my blog Shin Rocka's Randomness for all the details! Thanks and happy drinking!

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