Monday, June 11, 2012

How To Make The Cafe Jager via Common Man Cocktails

It's interesting because I just had a shooter with Patron in it on Thursday. My friend was telling me about a shot a friend made up using Rumplemintz, Grand Marnier, and Patron. He called it a Rusty Trombone (there is already a cocktail out there). And the origins are of a sexual nature (look it up..LOLOL). It was kind of expensive for a shot ($7.50), but boy did it get me good for the night. Man, oh man. That is what you call a shot! LOL. That strange combination was powerful yet really smooth. The aftertaste made you feel like you were washing your mouth out with fresh listerine, or you had a few altoids. It was quite crazy.

This is not nearly as powerful as what I had, but it is interesting. Combining the herbal medicine flavor of Jagermeister with the Agave and Coffee flavor of the Patron Cafe. Check it out:

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