Thursday, June 21, 2012

How to become a bartender via Tipsy Bartender

Now, this is a very interesting topic. I never once thought of becoming a bartender, but I do have some quality knowledge of making drinks and I do know some of the classic recipes. It's interesting really looking into the life of someone who has been bartending for a while and seeing that there is no real future in's more like a stepping stone than anything. It's a way to get you through some bills, school or something. I know Skyy wants to be an actor, and I can see now that his Tipsy Bartender show as well as other YouTube channels really getting into nearly 100 million views - that says something right there. As well as all of the other things like sponsorship deals, his t-shirts - letting him monetize off of his own YouTube brand. Indirectly, he's doing some kind of form of acting or entertainment, and there are a lot of YouTube stars out there that make their money living off of YouTube. This should be very interesting, though. Here is some basic knowledge of Bartending, though!

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