Thursday, April 19, 2012

Making your own vodka infusions

As much as I like posting other recipes and trying other recipes, I do make up my own stuff. I've always wanted to do my very own infusion, and tried out a sample last week. This time I'm going full speed. I have some dried pineapple that I got from the market as you can see below:

What I plan on doing is cutting up these huge pineapple slices and leaving them in a bottle of Coconut Ciroc for at least a day or two to just soak in there not only giving it extra pure pineapple flavor, but making it a treat for people that love fruit and alcohol. It's a win, win combo. Pretty much if u eat fruit dipped in alcohol, it's like taking a shot! So I plan to make a mix with a lil bit of Regular Ciroc + a little more than half a bottle of Ciroc Coconut then pouring in some good pineapple juice to make my own version of Cocoloso.

I'm definitely going to Re-Up on the bottles, though. My friend and I are doing a party for an event called TigerFest so that should be interesting. Only 7 more days until the pre-fest kicks off, so that's not too much time to get everything together! I'll post an update when I'm done!


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