Sunday, April 29, 2012

Want to get your mixology on? Check out Lab 22

Check out the official Lab 22 page at Facebook Lab 22 is a creative cocktail lounge where guests experience an array of liquid delights, uniquely created by some of Cardiff's finest mixologists. Two dedicated perfectionists and practitioners of hospitality, Matt Zain and Stephen Carwardine are launching lab 22 a social playground inspired by molecular mixologies most famous proponent Heston Blumenthal. There is a short story explaining the inspiration behind each drink and canapĂ© collection on the menu. “What Heston does with food, we apply to liquid” says Stephen Carwardine venue manager. If your high school teacher lets you use alcohol instead of water the results could have been deemed molecular mixology. Lab 22 is about so much more than just this as you are about to find out… Matt Zain and Stephen Carwardine have built and maintained a reputation within the capital for delighting Cardiff’s finest party goers with the most exuberant, pleasurable, sensory and unforgettable experiences in Cardiff’s nightlife. They encompass prestige and refinement with fun mystery and magic. If you remember that molecular mixology is the sub discipline of food science. Then it comes of no surprise that the home of Dr Who, Torchwood and Professor Sir Martin Evans’ (Cardiff University President identification of embryonic stem cells has been listed in a poll of the most important scientific discoveries made at UK universities) has now given birth to the latest science fascination Lab 22. Imagine caviar and strawberry pearls of solidified champagne and vodka served on a spoon, jellied gin, baked limes, oak smoked coke and whisky and all these pyrotechnic flourishes that make what was merely a bar a stage. Lab 22 is the next stepping stone for us, our next challenge of doing something unique and exquisite and maintaining high standards to create an incredible experience for our customers. We do not want to be mistaken for over complication or elitism with our concept, yes we are about doing something different. Yes we have already attracted many private bookings with celebrities from all walks of life. However We hope to reach out to the museum and art gallery patrons the theatre goers and the flâneurs of Cardiff that walk the city in order to experience it. We are open to everyone who conducts him or herself in the right way when going out on the town. We are about educating people with what they are drinking. There has been many TV documentaries and press articles about binge drinking in Cardiff and South Wales and we want to reign things back in and show that there really are a majority of discerning cliental that are refined and yet fun, that have been craving something to stimulate their minds as well as their taste buds. “I think it is a sad reflection on our civilization that while we can and do measure the temperature in the atmosphere of Venus we do not know what goes on inside our ..... *drinks” (*our addition – Lab 22) —Nicholas Kurti Sensational in design, infused with contemporary vigour and touched with elegance, Lab 22 will delight and inspire. website not launched yet coming soon.

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