Friday, April 20, 2012

Happy 4/20! Try a Liquid Marijuana!

Let me start by saying have a Happy 4/20 to all you tree lovers out there (you know what I mean).

I personally don't smoke, but I do drink, so I'll bless y'all with a pretty cool recipe called the Liquid Marijuana! It's a decently strong drink with great flavor, and a great look to it!

Here's a bit of back story. Apparently, the term 4/20 stems way back to 1971 when some high school kids were getting ready to smoke a joint or whatever. It was there code to tell the group did you find any weed, did you smoke any, are you high or let's get high. It's a very interesting term that many people did not catch on to for quite some time, and it became really popular on college campuses. According to Esquire, " this group of kids — "they called themselves 'Waldos,' " Sloman says — started getting high with the Grateful Dead at their rehearsal studio in San Rafael. Around 1990, High Times magazine senior editor Steve Bloom saw a flyer at a Dead concert that "told the story of 420, and that was news to me."

A lot of people thought 4-20 was a police code for marijuana. That is far from the truth. On this day, enjoy yourselves tree blazers. I, on the other hand will take a sip of this here! Peep it!

The recipe calls for...

1 part Captain Morgan
1 part Coconut Rum
1 part Midori
1 part Blue Curacao
Splash of Sweet & Sour
Splash of Pineapple Juice

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