Tuesday, January 1, 2013

My crazy New Year's Eve Liquor Story and Stash

Hey, everyone! I hope you all are having a great New Year's Day so far. I really hope this will be a fresh start for all of you. Let me tell you about my little story from last nite. Welp, I ended up going to a House Party. Remember the craziness I told y'all about a few months ago? Well, this time it was a bit more epic. There were a lot more different spirit choices like Canadian Whisky, Red Label Johnnie Walker, and even a Whiskey and Eggnog. I will tell you all about that on a different post because it deserves it's own post!

I was the bartender again and it was really fun this time because I got there early enough to where I could really see the liquor stash and get acquainted with a few flavors. I definitely enjoyed the Whisky Eggnog I made. It was a glorious taste. I made a few cool concoctions with other things. For me, its all about using what you have and experimenting to make some really cool flavors. That's exactly what I did. I woulda taken more pics and more pics of cocktails I made but I was getting too tipsy and of course, my phone didn't really have the stamina. =). All's well that ends well, I suppose.

I just have to say it's amazing how 7 hours of a party can get people extremely inebriated. I was a bit inebriated but I truly paced myself to be that way. I was there since 8:15 and probably started to work my way into a stupor at 12:30...I was really nice by 1 am, but by then I stopped drinking..I had some juice, some chips or whatever and I made sure I hydrated and danced a lot to sweat it out a bit more. =). Til another crazy party. THIS TIME I WILL GET SOME STUFF ON VIDEO OR AT LEAST MORE PIX OF MIXTURES I MADE :). ENJOY!

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