Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Why is Tequila so popular?

Ahh, today. We are touching the topic of Tequila. Tequila, such a popular drink these days. There are a lot of questions correlating to this particular manner. What is Tequila? What are good brands? Why is Patron so popular? How is tequila made. Well, I'll touch all of that now.

Tequila is an agave based liquor made from agave plants in Mexico. These things are HUGE!!! Blue Agave, the main ingredient in Tequila, is actually produced in Jalisco, Mexico. In fact, you can see Lil Jon making his own Don Lil Jon.

Some good brands you can get at a decent price are 1800 Tequila, Cavalinho, Partida, etc. Solid brands and they are 100% de Agave Tequila based.

Why is Jose Cuervo Gold/Especial so popular? Well, it's CHEAP as hell for one thing. And the color probably makes you think it's aged. Speaking of which, this is not real tequila. I'm not knocking Jose Cuervo the brand, but the Especial edition is not the real McCoy. You can find out here.

Tequila is used as a great party shot especially in the college crowd. People love a good margarita and a Long Island that uses Tequila.

Now, you ask why is Patron such a popular brand of Tequila? Wll, this is simple! Marketing! Sure, Patron is a very smooth brand of Tequila, but is it the best? I honestly would go for Don Julio before Patron. However, Patron has marketed itself in so many popular songs that it pretty much sells itself and very well might I add.

Pretty much when it all boils down to it. A good tequila has a few main things going for it: 100 de Agave, Good flavor, smoothness (on ice, in a shot, or even in the case of a great cocktail). If you want a bit more of a visual break down, check out this video:

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