Thursday, January 17, 2013

10 Interesting Drinking Trends in the year 2013

As a psuedo mixologist, I'm always looking for new things to look onto for the coming year. Whether it's a type of cocktail, a certain style, a new bar look, etc. You'll always find some interesting things.

1.) Tea - this is pretty interesting and kind of suitable depending on the time. I mean, right now it's January so of course it'll be mighty cold. I can see why starting the day off with Tea or before. Also, there's an interesting mix Scotch and Green Tea.

Meat - Bacon and Shark. These things are actually becoming a rage and a sort of weird delicacy. Go to my post about the Snake and Vodka.

Wine/Ciders - these are perfect to go with food. Bars make much more because they'll serve alcohol and dinner for patrons.

Mixed Drinks - save time. We aren't talking about the mixed low alcoholic drinks, but some of your favorites on tap already pre-made.

Specialty - sugars, garnishes, bitters. Certain bitters, fruits for garnishes and even things like Agave Nectar is more apparent.

Less Alcohol - no flat on face. People are starting to get into more lower alcoholic beverages so they have a smoother ride home.

Fresher Ingredients - I actually wrote a hubpage on this

Technology - Digital tablet menus, kiosks, smart phone apps and QR codes make drinking a 21st century activity. A lot of smartphone apps for different cocktails just in case people forget.

Whiskey - classic cocktails. People are going back to the older cocktails that have a sort of sophistication that the newer ones don't.

For more information on this please check out Top Ten Drinking Trends 2013 and London Drinks Trending 2013.

Here's one of the cocktails below making a HUGE comeback:

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