Monday, January 28, 2013

Matching the right alcoholic beverage to it's right event - #PROMIXTIP101 via PromixTV

This is actually a good topic that not a lot of people on YouTube have touched surprisingly! They'll tell you what bottles to buy but not tell you the occasion! Tis leads me to thinking about different recipes, I've posted for different things.

For example, a huge house party or a tailgating event like he said, Jungle Juice or Jungle Punch is an excellent way to make something for everybody. For a great Jungle Juice recipe, please check out this post I made called One of the Greatest Jungle Juices ever.

However, a good sit down and a romantic spot. A good bottle of wine is great. Also, it depends on what kind of sit down. Is it a dinner, a nice evening gathering? What? You should check out this post on wines and glasses.

Of course, if you want to get it in at sports events like the Superbowl, strong ass drinks like Long Island Ice Teas and Margaritas would be the way to go!

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