Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thirsty Thursdays - Bacardi 151 review

Hey, everyone. I decided to try to do weekly little taste tests just to see how certain things flow! I may start getting videos together if I can get a camera, perhaps? Oh well! For now, written review and a YouTube video should suffice! Here we go:

Bacardi 151. Automatically, you'll see on the front FLAMMABLE! now, by industry standards..THIS SHOULD NOT BE SIPPED NEAT! Do you think I sipped this neat? HELL TO THE NO! LOL.

The 151 overproof is sooo powerful that it pretty much goes through any kind of liquor or juice. The presence is potent! The only thing that can stand up to the power of 151 is Everclear 190%. You ARE crazy chugging EVERCLEAR! DO NOT EVER DO THAT! Anyway! LOL.

Down to the review

This is the type of liquor you do not really want to drink by itself. It's not meant for that. In fact, you could possibly cook food with 151. Not even playing a bit on that tip.

However! If you have a drink that's sweet or has some very delicate elements such as a Caribou Lou. This is perfect! You know why? The ingredients other than the Caribou Lou really lightens everything up such as the Pineapple and Malibu or makes it APPEAR that way.

All in all...for taste, a 5 (it's practically rum flavored gasoline..LOL). For the presence in a bad ass mix, a definite 10!

Peep Shoenice doing a full 6 second chug of 200ML of Bacardi 151

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