Sunday, November 25, 2012

Looney's Pub (College Park, MD) review

Hey, everyone! Just trying to something a bit different and put up some good bar/lounge/club reviews. I actually went there 3 times this week. My friend was back for Thanksgiving and we just wanted to get into some trouble with some of our friends. Let me get into the review really quick.

Very cool bar. Clean, great service, and great prices. If you are smart definitely come to their happy hour which lasts from 2-7pm on Monday-Friday. You can get rails and imports for 2 dollars. It's a great way to build a buzz and have a good time. Happy Hour prices for the food are also pretty good. I tried the Jerk Chicken which was a bit okay. However, I'm Caribbean so of course - I'm going to be a bit biased. HAHAHAHAAHA. Drinks not on the rail list were cool, too. I think the Ciroc (top shelf) roughly about an 7-8 bucks which is great considering most places it's 10 and up for a drink like that.

I got a Caribou Lou. The bartender didn't know exactly what it was at the moment but he knew where to look it up but I told him. The thing with that drink, you can easily screw it up by overpowering it with too much Bacardi 151 or make it too weak with more Malibu Rum. He made it well and the drink was reasonably priced at like 5 bones, so I tipped 40% of what the drink actually cost.


The music can vary on a given night. I went there on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. I was not really feeling the music on Tuesday and Wednesday. Not going to lie. Well, that's partially due to the fact that there were a lot of sports on that night and there were tables set up so there wasn't much of a dance floor. It was all good. It was pretty much on the vibe of better luck next time. It's a great spot for catching your favorite games and having a drink.

Friday was good! The dance floor was open, but there wasn't anyone dancing on it at first. However, when people started to warm up and saw of our group and other people getting into it, then the dance floor started to get a little packed. If you are into dubstep and moohbahton, you'll definitely love it here. But they do play a bit of reggaeton and some of your favorite top 40 (Rap/R&B/Pop) joints. There were some cute girls there, too. That was definitely a plus.

Overall, a good college pub with some great upscale stuff. I give this spot a B+.

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