Thursday, November 15, 2012

New Amsterdam Peach - Review/Taste Test via ProMixTV

The crazy thing about this video is I just talked to my homeboy and he said he really liked New Amsterdam Peach. I've had the gin which was str8 for making a Long Island Mix I made a while ago. I tried the Vodka because it was cheap but it was actually pretty smooth ESPECIALLY for the price point. This makes me really curious about the Peach. Ciroc Peach is pretty dayum dope, but it is not my favorite one. I'm Cocoloso all the way. However, if this Amsterdam Peach is pretty good..I might have to buy it over Ciroc Peach. Sorry, Diddy! I'll still support your OG and your Ciroc Coconut, though! Peep the review video below:

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