Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Drinking Game for Election Day 2012 - President Barack Obama vs Mitt Romney

I voted this morning, and all I have to say is Go Vote! Remember, a lot of people fought for you to even have the chance to vote or create a system where you can choose who you want! Watch the election 2nite and get your drink on! This post is taken from
Thought Catalog

Here are the rules taken straight from the site, but I will truncate it a bit.

"Take a sip of your drink every time someone puts a last-minute political rant on their Facebook status.

Take two sips every time someone makes an anti-rant Facebook status along the lines of “Everyone just go to the voting booth and make your choice. Let’s not fight about it,” which ends up becoming a rant in and of itself.

Chug a beer and then crush the can violently against your head every time you see a defaced political yard sign.

Do a shot every time a news network’s election coverage special brings on a talking head who is absolutely unqualified to be making comments about the political process, but is going to bring in viewers

Take two sips every time a conservative Facebook friend nonchalantly mentions something about being being pro-life.

Do a Jager bomb every time your candidate wins a state in the electoral college.
Do a double shot of your own tears every time your candidate loses a state.

Chug a beer every time someone changes their profile picture to just a promotional poster for their candidate.

Do a shot of Jameson and then stab yourself with a broadsword every time someone casually mentions the fact that President Obama is black in a way that totally betrays how racist they are.

Finish your drink every time someone says they “can’t deal with it” and are going to see a movie instead of watching the election coverage at home.

Start a new drink every time you secretly want to join them.

Do a shot with a same-sex partner every time someone on Facebook drops the absurd bomb that they don’t support gay marriage.

Chug a beer every time someone mentions how they don’t want to vote for the opposing candidate not for any policy reason, but because he “seems like an asshole.”
Drink every time someone Facebook status updates that they voted.

Chug four beers back-to-back every time a white guy with dreads talks about how useless voting is.
Do an extra shot if said be-dreaded white guy says something along the lines of “we are just voting for our slavemasters.”

Chug a gin and tonic every time someone posts a long rant about why they are voting for Gary Johnson, and why you should, too.

Do a double shot every time a major news network calls the election early (and erroneously).

Shotgun a beer every time a non-American posts a giant, condescending rant about the American political process, as though their country doesn’t have its own embarrassments every now and again, come election time.

Do a flaming shot of maple syrup every time someone threatens to move to Canada if their candidate loses.

Take three sips every time you highly consider de-friending an IRL friend just to no longer have to listen to their constant, ill-informed political monologues.

Happy drink everyone!

Read more at http://thoughtcatalog.com/2012/election-day-drinking-game/#qSwqaSlrzl7jGllv.99

Try the Obama Cocktail while you're at it:

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