Thursday, November 8, 2012

Ciroc Flavors and what to mix with to make cocktails!

Hey, everyone! I know I have a few Ciroc posts already up on the blog, but I have never done a post where I actually break down the flavors in my opinion and what you should chase it with to really bring out the flavors. Check this out.

OG Ciroc aka Blue Dot Ciroc

This is the stable brand that set it all off. Diddy associated with this French grapes based Vodka brand way back in 2007 and for the last few years it's begun to really dominate the competition looking at Grey Goose to get the top spot. At any rate, here is my personal take on the OG Ciroc.

Sipping on ice. A good 1 oz to 1.5 oz pour and you get the scent of grapes as well as a lemon peel. You also get that with the finish as well when it comes time to sip. Really clean and well polished vodka. It does have a little burn but all vodkas at 35-40% ALC do.

Mixers: with any plain vodkas, pretty much any juice will do. However, this is a special vodka with some interesting notes so lemonade and grape juice definitely takes the cake. Diddy recommends these in particular Welch's Grape Juice and Simply Lemonade. With lemonade it's called "The Diddy" and with both grape juice and lemonade it's called the "OG Diddy". Honestly, with any vodka, this is a great mix that has the sweet and nice grape vibe and the sweet and sour vibe. It's an excellent combination.

Ciroc Red Berry

This is the next flavor in the catalog with an emphasis on a raspberry/wildberry kind of flavor.

Sipping on ice: for me when I first tried it, I honestly did not really like it because it tasted a bit bitter. I don't know how my palate is now because I'm used to drinking scotch and whiskey on ice, but that's my take on it so far.

Mixers: To be absolutely honest, Cranberry Juice is perfect finely because it breaks out the bitter notes of the Redberry. Also, if you really want a treat - Simply Raspberry Lemonade! PERFECT mixer!

Ciroc Coconut

Man, this is definitely my favorite out of the bunch. I love coconut anything and rum is definitely a great vibe.

Sipping on ice: PERFECTION. Great coconut flavor, great smooth vodka, a slight burn. That is all you actually need.

Mixers: only one is truly needed. PINEAPPLE JUICE! That's it! Nothing more! It goes perfectly! The best flavored Ciroc imho. The cocktail is called the Cocoloso made popular by Fabolous. Also, if you can have Coke with it. Like a Rum and Coke. Tastes pretty great, too. It's called the Nino Brown.

Ciroc Peach

Definitely a great trump card out of all the Ciroc flavors. The seemingly sweet peach flavor will sneak up on you, too!

Sipping on ice: pretty solid. It's sweet which makes it great for females, but it still has the vodka presence which makes it suitable for guys to drink as well.

Mixers: Now, there are a bunch of mixers you can do with this to make a really great cocktail. With Orange Juice, you can have fuzzy navels. Cranberry juice tastes really good with Peach. Also, I've heard that the Ocean Spray White Cranberry Peach Juice is the ultimate mixer but I need to definitely try that for myself.

Here are a few videos that will show you how to get your mixing on!

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