Monday, September 10, 2012

Tipsy gets Drunk via Tipsy Bartender

LOL. I love this episode! I actually have a few drunk stories to tell y'all myself.

1.) 2004- My graduation party. My sister is such a bad influence. She made me a drink that combined sour amaretto, soju, and something else. Talk about twisted? MAN!!!!!! I've never drunk a single thing in my entire life besides a sip of beer (which I thought was apple juice) at the tender age of 7. I didn't feel it when I was drinking, but man....that next day..i was like WTF?_?! LOL.

2.) TigerThon 2010 - yooo..i was dunzo, b! Not in the sense of throwing up, but attempting to do a move called darkhammers under the influence of the incredible hulk, 3 drinks of ciroc, and JUNGLE JUICE! NOT A GOOD LOOK! As a matter of fact, take a look at this:

3.) My tango with Rikaloff. NEVER, NEVER, EVER...DRINKING THAT TOILET WATER AGAIN! I'd rather drink fuckin Smirnoff..I remember...some of my friends playing Guitar and we all took at least 12 shots of that NASTY ASS VODKA! NEVER AGAIN! LMAO!

4.) Jungle Juice NYE 2011! Yeah, that was actually fun...I mean, look at this picture:

5.) Tigerfest 2012! THE FIRST TIME I've thrown up! BUT BOY!!! THAT DAY WAS FUN!!! LMFAO!!!! hahahahahaha!!!! oh man, i have a feeling...there will be crazyness either this WKND or next OR EVEN BOTH!!! i'll definitely be there to document it! LOL. Peep the clip below of drunk stories:

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