Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Colleges: What is the difference between a white college party and black college party?

All right, everyone. I thought I would do something a little bit different. I graduated from school a few years ago, but I still remember a lot of it cuz I would still visit from time to time. Towson was kind of know as the party school, same as University of Maryland. Anyway, there are some significant differences between a White college party and a Black college party. Other ethnic backgrounds may vary depending on the mood or circumstances.

Before I go on, this post is not meant to be racist or prejudice in anyway. This is based on pure observation. And I think it's an interesting topic of discussion. There will also be some funny anecdotes throughout this post. So, let's start with the white party shall we??

What does a white college party consist of?

-Beer, beer, beer
-Kegs, Kegs, Kegs
- Beer Pong
-Lots of team shirts, polos and flip flops
-Loud Music

To get a picture of what I'm talking about check out this picture:

Typically, these get kind of hectic and they involve large keggers

As you can see, the main premise is alcohol and seeing how far you can take your body with it. LOLOL.

Black people on the other hand, it's a bit of different vibe:

The party is more catered to the ladies and the dancing. It's all about the social interaction between the guy and girl. So instead of a kegger, there is a very strong alcoholic drink called Jungle Juice!

Black party consists of:

Dark Room


Jungle Juice (usually mixed with Everclear or Bacardi 151 as the base ingredients)

Fine girls dancing

Dancing, Dancing, Dancing

This isn't exactly a "black" party but as you can see everyone is getting lose and there are a lot of people dancing and enjoying the vibe. No beer pong and all that other stuff =P.

Welp, there's a brief analysis of what goes down at your party. make sure you subscribe and yeah...check back for more! Peace!

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