Thursday, July 26, 2012

Drink Inc.: Refreshing Pirate Potions

These are some really awesome cocktails, and I'm pretty sure that some old school pirates would appreciate these!

Pedro Punch -- 4 people, 2 drinks each

8 Oz of fresh watermelon juice
2 Oz of simple syrup
3 Oz of Aperol
6 Oz of Tequila
1 Barspoon of kosher salt
1 Teaspoon of San Pedro Fish Market Michelada Mix (can substitute red chili powder)
Add ice to punch bowl
Garnish punch bowl with watermelon spears
Rim the glass with San Pedro Fish Market Michelada Mix
Ladle into a glass and garnish with watermelon spear

Bloody Mariner

Into a shaker add:

4 oz. Yellow heirloom tomato juice
5 oz Fresh lime juice
1 oz Fresh fennel juice (or muddle two pinches of tarragon)
Dash of Fig simple syrup (substitute regular simple syrup)
1.5 oz White rum 

1 oz Absinthe
Pirate Nature
Add ice
Shake for 15 seconds
Rim collins glass with San Pedro Fish Market Original Spice
available at
or (substitute mix of chili powder and cayenne)
Add ice cube to the glass
Strain into glass
Garnish with fresh fennel stalk

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